About Us

Ogre Plays Games has a very simple philosophy.

Everyone can play games.

Everyone should play more games.

Everyone should play more games than just D&D & Pathfinder.


We’re a bi-weekly “Let’s Play” podcast with a radio play focus. Three to four perfomers come together to play pen & paper role playing games, act out what their characters say and do, and create a fun and entertaining story together. Rules will be discussed. Character creation will be gone over in depth. Sound effects and music are added to make the game feel more alive. 

Our Minions:

  • “The Ogre” Matthew Seagle  – GM/moderator
  • Rees Hayne –  performer, editor, and producer
  • Gregory Milne – performer, co-producer and host of “Ogre Talks Games” 
  • Chris Mataei – sound engineer and editor
  • Natalie Bosco – lead artist
  • Trina Forrest – website, social media, and all round supportive spouse.

Thanks for checking us out, and keep playing games.