DCC: Hubris Session 7

DCC: Hubris Session 7

Had a smaller group this time so I took it easy on them with the encounters. HAHAHAHA! Of course I didn’t do that. Look, if they don’t know to run away from twelve of something then that’s their own damn fault.  That didn’t happen, but I was secretly hoping it would.


-Get the players moving toward their goal.

The gang began their journey 30 days after arriving at the mutant village across the river. During this time one of the peasants had become a blood witch and was getting used to their new powers.They recovered from all the spell burning and such and were going to make a journey to Shadowfall to meet up with their Vampire friend Malovince. To complete their quest of destroying Eisenbar, they will need more allies than these mutants. Some skeletal gun runners were in town and some members of the team tried various ways to get a gun; like offering to trade their garbage, or outright thievery. The gun runners were not interested so the team moved on. With most of the party riding on the giant spider they tamed or on a cow, the trip would take about seven days.

HOW: I finally remembered the name of the Vampire they had helped twice along their journey to the Ziggurat so I got to name drop him to get them to make a god damn decision as to what to do and how to do it. They really tried hard to get a gun. One player offered to sell everything he owned, but we did the math and it wasn’t even half of the cost of a gun and ammo. They tried to do favours or plain steal it, but the rolling just wasn’t with them.

The journey started out fairly calm with them finding another village of mutants and befriending them. The next day however while investigating a small creek that seemed to have words flowing through it, twelve Knolls on an armoured gunrunner wagon attacked them. The Gnolls had already used up most of the ammo so they took their clubs out to beat up the team. After a brutal battle the team lost a few peasants, but ended up with some guns and a few bullets.

HOW: They finally got some guns. Random rolls on the location and encounter charts for the Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow

The next day they ran across a black knight with some soldiers with red roses on their armour. The gang learned they were a guard relief heading to Evernight Keep and they learned of the Shadowfall garrison there that stops Eisenbar from invading. They left on good terms, hoping they had made another ally in their quest. That evening the came across an abandoned fort and searched it thoroughly. They found a large snake statue in the church and figured out this must have been a Klind outpost of some kind. Having found nothing of value they camped for the night in the safety of its walls..

The final day the gang ran into seven extraordinarily beautiful humans riding on the plains. Before even introducing themselves, the Blood Witch in his infinite wisdom wanted to see if they had blood, so used his abilities to travel in the strangers then out again. He did confirm they had blood, but the strangers were enraged by the violation. They captured the Blood Witch and chained him in magic dispelling manacles. The Blood Witch apologised and that party tried to convince the leader of the beautiful strangers not to harm him. The leader said the Blood Witch would need to be punished. First by covering him with ants, then twisting his face upside down. However, he said he would not punish him if the party had a bottle of children’s laughter. The party, not having the faintest idea on how you would ever get that, had to decline. The Blood Witch made one last plea for his life so the leader gave him an offer. He would let him go if he gave away all of his memories. Every single memory up to this point in time. The Blood Witch didn’t like the idea of not remembering anything about their past so he came up with a cunning plan. He secretly commanded his blood blob familiar to crawl in his mouth and choke him to fein death. After the Blood Witch had passed out the leader of the strangers lost interest and tossed him aside. With some luck the Blood Witch was able to be healed in time and avoided his bizarre punishment.

This was just the morning. At the evening of their seventh day the came upon an old wooden fort they they thought might be abandoned like the one they saw a few days ago. Approaching the fort they were greeted with arrows from the palisades where several small red and grey goblins were shooting at them. They asked if they could come in and rest but the Goblins said they were having a birthday party and the gang was not invited. One of the gang offered a gem to entice the goblins to let them in, and they said that was a nice gift for the birthday boy and opened the gates. After getting let in the gates were closed behind them and the Goblins laughed, telling them it was all a prank and now they would kill and eat them.

HOW: I’m finding the encounters in The Great Plains of Unbidden Sorrow really interesting. I rolled up a group of fae hunting Wretched and so I randomly rolled their appearance and powers from the monster section of the book. I got really beautiful and affinity for insects, hence the covering in ants threat. Because the Blood Witch has gotten Find Familiar as a spell he has the blood blob thing as a familiar, which enabled him to pull off his fake death. I did make him roll for it, and he succeeded. There was a heartbreaking moment before that when the Wizard spell burnt 20 points to cast sleep, and then I had to tell him that these were fae and that spell won’t work on them.

Afterthoughts: The Blood Witch has some really neat abilities. The player didn’t get to use a lot of them because most of the enemies they fought didn’t have blood, like undead. The goblin fight should be a good chance for him to test his abilities.

Next time: They get to fight a bunch of fire goblins and then get into the deeply unsettling politics of Shadowfall


Dungeon Crawl Classics is published by Goodman Games and Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure is written by Mike Evans.


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