DCC: Hubris Session 2

DCC: Hubris Session 2


– Try to introduce some of the weird races of Hubris (half demons, murder machines etc)

– Give the “So you find a Ruin” generator a spin.

– Use the “Grave Diggin’” chart at least once.

Our dirty discarded adventuring party split up and talked to the two only patrons drinking in The Squished Fox; The High Priestess of Drallic the Flayer, and the cloaked woman on the other side of the Inn. The High Priestess offered them a job escorting her back to Eisenabar, and even gave her word that they would not be attacked on arrival despite having mutants in their party. The rest of the team had a conversation with the cloaked woman. The Thief managed to pocket the ring she was wearing and saw that it was from a noble house of the Klind. The ring had a serpent design inlaid in it with small jewels for eyes. It was getting late, so the team went to sleep. For a small backwater Inn, the sheets were silk and fine, and the team settled down for some well-deserved rest.

When the sun rose in the morning, one of the party members discovered he was not alone. In his fine bed wrapped in his soft silk sheets was the cloaked woman they had been talking to the night before. She revealed that she was actually a princess on the run from her family, and begged for help. She wanted to be taken to the south east, to a mighty Ziggarut where she could be free, and needed this man to help her. She had fallen in love with this lowly level 0 peasant. The prophecy this character had from the Ravens had now been fulfilled.

HOW: Most of this was just good ole role playing. The Thief rolled an ungodly 25 to take the ring so I didn’t say no. I realise it might have been a bit out of place to have silk sheets at this village shit hole, but I didn’t give a fuck about that. Story before reason!

One of the wizard characters had a special request for his patron. He wanted Azi Dahaka to bestow him with a unique familiar. In the middle of the street he started a small fire and shed his blood to mix with sand to summon his patron for aid. Azi Dahaka answered the call, insulting him for daring to bother him. The Wizard plead his case, and luckily Azi Dahaka was feeling generous. He told the Wizard of a cave to the south, an old tomb of a forgotten mage that contained the familiar he sought. With that information given Azi Dehaka disappeared in a brilliant sand storm.

The party talked over their options. Help the village of Rejoice with the disappearing villager problem, escort the High Priestess east, go this this weird cave for the Wizard, or aid this Princess. The Princess promised them more treasure then they could carry, so that sealed the deal for the team; they would escort her to the Ziggurat. The Chief of the village was getting nervous seeing them pack up to leave and implored them for aid with his villages issues. They denied his request and he got so angry that he punched one of the party members in the face. He banished them from his village. So, they team set out east right away.

HOW: The player of the wizard wanted a specific form for his familiar that wasn’t of his alignment. I can’t remember what exactly he wanted, so lesson to all the GMs reading this; Take good notes. Cause I didn’t. Anyway, I had him spell burn a specific way with the sand to summon his patron. He rolled really well, so I gave out another sweet plot hook, leading him to the Slithering Peaks. Now, about the princess. I had this idea that this would be a noble born of the Klind, but she was being lead and controlled by Princess Iszabell from the Ziggurat of the Shrieking Princess. It all checked out. Needs help to be free? Check. Has lots of loot? Yup. Party will have no IDEA what they can expect? YUP! I had the Chief get mad like a meat head when they wouldn’t help. He almost killed a guy by rolling a 4 on his punch damage roll. This meant the goal of testing out the Ruin generator would have to wait.

The party set out east and encountered a wide variety of things. One of these was a mine with slaves being guarded by warriors in black metal armour, and living machines with cannons and saw blades for arms. They tried to avoid this danger but were spotted. They managed to talk their way out of trouble by offering to buy one the slaves. They negotiated a deal and were sold a dwarf. This turned out to be a family reunion of one of the party member as this was his long-lost cousin that had vanished years ago. The next mine they found was investigated carefully, but as they went to go inside they were attacked by three anthropomorphic bug people! They decided not to go into that mine after killing the deadly beetle men. One of the most interesting encounters was a huge black metal tube laying on the rocks. They met the inhabitant of the tube who was a generous old man living alone. He offered them tea which was very filling, and they learned that this was a fallen smoke stack from The Floating Island of Terror, ruled by The Black Queen. The party grabbed some extra herbs from the kind old man and dug up a grave outside the smoke stack, finding some very nice cloths to sell or trade. Also on their journey encountered some traders from Fairweather who were looking for exotic bugs.

HOW: Like before I rolled a d20 to determine how many days travel to their destination and got a 4. That seems too low so I just multiplied that by 5 and that’s how many days I thought it would take to reach the Ziggurat. Rolled a bunch of times on the Lay of the Land chart again, and if I got a repeat (like tar pits. AGAIN) I’d roll on the Encounter chart. Surprisingly I didn’t get too many repeats even though I rolled probably 15+ times on the charts. I did get to introduce the Murder Machines, and the Black Guard of Abhorrent Action. Also, the concept of slavery in Hubris as a common thing. The dwarf was decided to be a blood relation because when I rolled up the name on the NPC Generator it was the same last name as the dwarf in the party, so I made him his long-lost cousin. The abandoned mine I rolled up was a great opportunity to introduce the party to the Malfactorum. The smoke stack was a fun encounter, because the description didn’t mention anything about who the man was at all. So, I rolled him up using the NPC Generator like I did for the slave they bought, but to find out his mood I rolled on Table 7-6: Familiar Personality in the DCC core book. I got “charitable”, so he was a very nice host. For the tea I rolled on the “Strange and Interesting Herbs” table and got a tea leaf that caused hives if touched, tasted like strawberries, but was like eating a full meal. That table worked well. For fun I told them about graves outside the smoke stack and encouraged them to dig one up.

  • This session write up is late because I didn’t take any notes and got frustrated trying to remember what happened more than a week after the game. I remembered all the cool stuff, but I leaned that next time I’ll take better notes and write them up sooner than later.
  • Didn’t get to use my ruin generator but I will save that for another day, or just do a new one for Ziggurat.
  • The lay of the land and encounter tables really got a lot of mileage here. I had 20 days of travel in the Land of Perpetual Stone and Mire and I had maybe 2 or 3 re-rolls because I kept getting god damn Tar Pits. Next time I’ll probably use those repeats and a opportunity to fulfil my goals, like introducing the new races and classes.

Overall another great session in the books, and the players are stoked for next time.

Music Listened to: Gwar “The Blood of Gods”, “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword” Soundtrack, Hairless Monk “Journey to the Mushroom Planet”


Dungeon Crawl Classics is published by Goodman Games and Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure is written by Mike Evans.



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