Episode 06 – Ogre Talks Games – Call of Catthulhu

Ogre Talks Games is our recap show, hosted by Gregory Milne.

We interview our gaming guests about their previous RPG experiences and afterthoughts on the game they played. In this episode:

  • Matthew “The Ogre” Seagle – Moderator
  • Rees Haynes – “Ping Ping” the Tiger Dreamer
  • Taizo Ellis – “Flint Lock” the Scrapper
  • Jennifer Jordan – “Jemima Snuffletoe” the Catcrobat
  • Meeshelle Neal – “Lady Everdine” the Pussyfoot

Join the cast of “Call of Catthulhu” as they talk about their adventures!

Press play to listen to the full episode. Itunes link coming soon!

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